In addition to loving modern music, DJ TABLA (Karim) is also a traditionalist. He has always loved the "pre-classics" of Egypt, Syria and Turkey. The great songs of the early 20th century have an intoxicationg feel and spirit that is rarely found in modern music. Karim re-records these classics using top-notch musicians and singers. He bolsters the sound with heavy grooves and electronica. These grooves (remember, Karim is a drummer) serve to propel the music on the dancefloor, while maintaing the authentic spirit of the original composition. Karim prefers the use of traditional instruments, instead of the keyboards and synthesizers that dominate modern electronica.

For his DJ and Dance sets, Karim re-mixes classic records from Egypt, Syria, Turkey, India and Iran. He adds supercharged downbeats, bass drum pulses, and bass lines. He does not slice and sample the classic recording. He honors the original song's arrangement and spirit, while renewing it for the dance scene.

Karim also has a large collection of Arabic and international music for dance parties. He plays Arabic Pop, Arabic Techno, Arab Remixes, Saiidi, Dabka and Khaligi, as well as Baila, Rai, Arab Classics, Bhangra, Indian Electronica, International and Euro House. When requested, Karim adds live drums to the mix and does whatever he can to encourage an energetic and cathartic dancing atmosphere.

Listen to a DJ Tabla mix (10 minutes, 5.7 megabyte MP3) which includes Arab Pop, Bhangra, Classics, Greek, Arabic Remix, Turkish House, and Old School Egyptian: International Mix by DJ Tabla

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TURBO TABLA is a solo performance that combines the spontaneity of a live drummer with the stylistic intensity of a DJ. The best description would be "Arabic Techno". Karim, a classically trained Egyptian percussionist, performs on his feet with and an amplified Tabla (goblet drum) that employs many of the effects and sounds of an electric guitar. Karim dances, spins, jumps and entertains while executing the most rapid and grooveworthy hand percussion possible. The accompaniments are always the remixes and recreations of traditional Arabic and World music, with techno and hip hop beats, created by Karim. Karim is an accomplished performer of traditional Arabic music with the highest calibre of authenticity. It is this classical expertise that allows Karim to make modern Oriental music while maintaining the discipline of his Arabic background.